Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Daily- Dec 2- Birds

Whoops behind already- i think that our cat Mia has her own idea of an advent calendar and has decided to eat a bird every day instead of the chocolate- this was outside our front door this morning!after her catch yesterday as well.. sparrow number 2 on Dec 2.

Poor birdee- hopefully that will be it for awhile now!

The girls still talk about the time that a sparrow sat in my hand with wonder. A few months ago it was a really windy day - like REALLY windy and we had just come home from somewhere and i saw a sparrow lying on the driveway just like this- but he was still alive and seemed okay - i think that he had been either blown out of the tree or blown into a window or something and was just winded. I quickly picked him up grateful that said cat Mia hadn't found him in that state. I was amazed that he just let me pick him up- he quite happily sat in my hand and let me stroke him for a good 5 minutes and then he suddenly flew off- he just must have needed a breather! The girls still talk about it - "remember that time that bird sat in your hand mum?!" even Hollie still talks about it- so hopefully it wasn't my little friend in the above picture!

anyhoo - todays tradition that we do every christmas is to go and see the Santa at Hornby mall and get our photo taken- one of the only times that dad is not mysteriously missing when Santa is about! So we get a family photo including dad!, and its neat to see our family grow each year - and change! This year he had a traditional kiwi themed beachside bach not a snowy grotto- which i thought was fabulous and much more relevant to us! The girls still love sitting on his knee and getting a lolly and a book each year.

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