Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 3- December Daily

Whew hasnt today been a scorcher! the pool was sitting at 24.5 degrees today so i almost had to get in- i have to get in if it hits 25 - so won't be long! I am still being troubled with these horrible headaches and usually have to spend an hour or 2 each afternoon resting my head - so i hope that they will go away soon- i am well and truly over it!

We managed to get a last few things for xmas today- we snuck into the house of W to grab a shark waterslide for Ella since she was away at a Pippins sleepover- it looks pretty awesome- 7 metres and you have to swim through the sharks head with 3d goggles on to the splash pool at the end- it has been at the top of her list for weeks but we explained that it was probably too much money for us to buy so if she was lucky Santa might be able to make one for her- she seemed happy with the slim chance that Santa could bring her one the same! So it will be lovely to see her face on Xmas morning!

We also bought Lucy some shoes for her disco and party at Preschool on Monday. I might have mentioned before about how the preschool had had a focus on different types of dance- line dancing- (Simon and i demonstrating rock n roll) scottish highland dancing and of course SHUFFLING! The favourite has been shuffling when Charlie came and danced to their favourite song Party Rock by LMFAO. Since Izzy had already made the box head - Lucy decided she wanted some party rock shoes- so we bought some plain white ones and are going to add the PARTY ROCK and the zebra stripes ourselves so she can wear them to dance in on Monday!

If you haven't heard of party rock - its a very popular song - like 300 million views on You Tube!!!!and now shuffling is a major dance craze- i will try and add the video here- the dancing is amazing- so try and watch till the end! It reminds me abit of when breakdancing first came in in the 80's gosh that makes me feel old- and EVERYONE was so into it- now its shuffling! You can just picture little 3 and 4 year olds dancing to this! I will definitely be taking my camera and video camera to preschool on Monday- Izzy looks fantastic with hi box head like in the video!

Anyhoo- today Simon started putting up the Xmas lights- a mammoth operation - so we have started!



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