Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve - not long to go now!

Hi everyone,

Boy has it been a busy week - there have been  lots of christmas activities with the girls and  a few earthquakes again to shake things up a little just before Christmas !

This week we have spent a good deal of time in the swimming pool and the girls have loved it - they are in there for hours at a time! The nightly ritual of helping dad to put up the Christmas lights and inflatable toys before they go to bed is always popular too!

Here is one of ours

We have taken all the girls to see the Christmas lights out at Shands road which are truly spectacular- if you haven't been you should! They are still open until the end of December- it truly is a winter wonderland and was the girls favourite by miles! Here are some photos from when we went the first time- when it was light- the second time we went with the big 2 to see it all lit up- amazing!

some of the inflatables

dancing santa's

Hollie taking it all in

a whole shed full of Mickey mouse and friends Christmas toys

more toys in the windows

captive audience at the Santa room

There was an amazing amount of toys and inflatables to see - thats without showing you any of the lights! When it gets dark they have it timed to music and angels and trains and all sorts are on all teh rooves of the sheds and houses- amazing!

The girls other favourite was a friend of their dads- Lloyd at Protea Place in Wigram- his is not so much about the lights but all the wooden shapes he makes and paints and all the Christmas decorations he has inside his house- really great for kids - my favourite was the singing Christmas tree...

Protea Place - the second favourite!

the singing xmas tree

lots of beautiful trees and decorations inside

lloyd makes all his outside decorations

there is always one idiot!

So going to see the lights is always a favourite and we usually go for at least 3 nights and go and check out dads competition and to get some ideas!

We have been to the Spreydon Christmas grotto too- i took my camera but left the battery in the charger so have no photos to share! They had changed it up quite a bit this year and had lots of animatronic moving animals- the girls loved the husky dogs and santa's sleigh in the first room- then it was some decoartions and Santa reading a story - floolwed by the huge train set with lots of trains and Santas and cartoon characters- floowed by a room all about the origins of the candy cane and decrated beautifully. I was pleased that they still had the present machine that scans all the letters and makes the toiys and then wraps them! The show room had the usual waterfall and real turtles and had lots of reindeer this year. the last room had the Nativity story with moving huge bears as the shepherds and angels and Mary and Joseph - it was very well done and it was nice to see that they had changed it a bit thsi year for those of us that go every year! We pulled up first thing in the morning and the queue was out the door and down the street- we came back at lunchtime and walked straight in - they said that they had had over 800 people in the 2 hours before- last year they had 33,000 people go through!

We have done Christmas baking - shortbread biscuits and made the usual russian fudge - yummo! It has been a full on week- teh girls have been in the pool quite alot too so the week has flown by. I was more organised this year and since all the presents were dwon at Jo's house she helped me wrap them all up on Wed nite so that i didn't have to do it all on Xmas Eve- so tonight i was able to relax with Simon and have a few drinks and nibbles and watch a concert on DVD- a much nicer Xmas Eve than usual!

I do have  to share jus t one story- Ella got in a panic a few days before Christmas as she said that she hadn't written a letter to Santa- i said yes you have - you wrote one at school and got a letter back from Santa too. She said but i only asked him for my shark slide- i said what about when you ahve seen Santa at our party and at Preschool and she said - i just asked for the shark slide- i didn't tell him what else i would like- i might not get any other presents! Oh bless! So we wrote him a letter and sent it fastpost - me thinking - heck most of what she has written i haven't got for her- sure enough in Christmas Day - she said - i don't think that Santa got my letter in time mum cos he didnt bring me wheelies or felts! ( She did really like all the presents she did get by the way)

So - i started this post on Christmas Eve and its now Boxing Day so had better post this and then i can post about the actual amazing Christmas Day we all had later on tonight!

Merry Christmas!


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vickiparker said...

Merry Christmas Francine. We did the trip out to Shands Road for the first time ever and wondered why we had never heard of it before now. Was a fantastic display. I loved the huskies at the Grotto too and weren't the teddy angels just fantastic?