Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you have all had a beautiful day with your family and friends no matter where in the world you are! For us here in New Zealand it is of course summer so we have had a lovely sunny warm Christmas day- so there has been waters;liding and lots of dips in the pool!

We were lucky on Christmas morning as the girls didn't surface till 7am- so not an early start for the Evans household! The girls always have stockings at the end of their beds that Santa comes and fills in the night and a little present that they are allowed to open while we wait for everyone to wake up so that we can open the presents under the tree. They are of course allowed to go and look - much excitement naturally at all the presents under the tree- makes it more exciting if you have to wait abit! We believe that we should all open the presents together and one at a time so that everyone can see what the others have received from mum and dad  or from Santa! This year they were all very lucky- Ella got her beloved shark 3D waterslide- more photos to come of that one!- Zoe got a new Bike and lots of goodies- Lucy got a digital Barbie camera and Hollie got a new baby- a new bee dress and they all got lots of new clothes and bits and pieces- like books and a DVD each! Here are some of the photo highlights!

opening stockings in bed with mum

opening the baby with dad

hooray a new baby

Lucy's new camera

a dvd for dad for his collection!

Finally Lucy gets the Cars movie - she has been waiting for this one!

ella and Max her pillow pal

Zoe's fav - a bag you colour in

Christmas breakfast

Nana joined us for breakfast

Christmas breakfast

Lucy and her art work - new chalk to play with


got ya!!

Zoe and her masterpiece in progress

A new pink dress

the 2 spotty wots

Trouble with a capital T- lucky you are so cute!

the fab four

fab 4
After the present opening we start to prepare breakfast- well dad does - we always have croissants with ham and cheese and pineapple and eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce- and lots of Christmas crackers and sparkling grape juice- Ella loved all the jokes and is collecting them from the crackers! After breakfast we just sift- we set up the waterslide and the girls had  a blast on that- very cool! Then they all jumped in the pool for a dip and a play - by then it was lunchtime- so we called Granny and Ros and Brenda in Nelson and then Grandad and spoke to them. Granny arrives later today for a stay which the girls are really looking forward to and me!

At 4.30pm we all changed and got ready to go out to Simon's brothers farm out at Lincoln- all Simon's family was there and the girls had a ball playing T- Ball with everyone for hours and then when Millie the labradoodle arrived they were happy to just run around with her! They had a great time with their cousins and a lovely meal - with ham and salads and pavlova for desert! Then Uncle Mark set up his professional karaoke set and they started the karaoke- i left Simon with Zoe and Ella and brought the little 2 home at 9pm- they were absolutely shattered- Lucy got into bed and was asleep in 2 breaths! The other 3 got home about 11.30pm and Zoe was very excited because Charley had invited her for a sleepover at her house the next night!

So it was a great day catching up with everyone- the girls absolutely loved their evening playing T Ball and running around with their cousins---i'm looking forward to seeing my mum today when she arrives from Nelson.

I better get on with making Ros's Xmas present- i am making her a canvas- almost finished it to give her when she arrives later today. Photos soon-  i made Brenda a series of photo frames with pictures of the girls - all black and white photos and black and white papers and flowers- i forgot to take photos of them though so mighht get her to take some for me! Been quite fun to make some off the page things for a change!

Merry Christmas


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