Thursday, December 8, 2011

Athletics Day and Santa Visit

Today was Ella's turn to have mum visit school for the end of year celebrations. The Junior school had their athletics day so Hollie and I went along to cheer Ella on. They had 7 events and Ella did really well - she got 3rd in the long jump and 3rd in the 100m sprint- so proud. Best of all they had lots of fun- they also did javelin, discus , ball throw, long distance and hurdles.It was great to see so many parents there to support their kids too!

Then we all went to the hall and joined the children so that we could listen to their singing- and of course Santa made an appearance! Simon has done the Santa appearance for the last 3 years so i was abit concerned as to how he would get on today. He has bronchitis and is coughing his ring out constantly- he has worked from home the last 2 weeks as he is so bad that the doctor said there is no way he should be at work-so he was worried that he wouldn't be able to do Santa without a coughing attack. Luckily he  managed to get hold of a friend who did the gig for him- he was a star - with half an hour before showtime he stepped up and appeared as Santa- awesome job- thanks Phil! Ella still belives in Santa although that is wavering this year- she said to me at lunchtime- "that wasn't the real Santa- that was Phil" I said don't worry the real one is coming to our party on Sunday- it will be interesting to see if she is happy with the Santa on Sunday (Simon) - will recognise dad- or still believe that he is the real Santa!

Santa listening to the great singing!

Merry Christmas

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