Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toot Toot!!!

What a fabulous day that we all had today- it was spring at its best- nice and sunny and warm - perfect for a birthday party at the trains at the Halswell Domain! We went for Hollie's mate Callum;s 3rd birthday party and the girls had an absolute blast! We all took along a picnic lunch and they loved just playing on the playground- having a few rides on the trains, watching the model boats and eating this awesome train cake! tThen to top it all off - who should arrive to surprise the girls but FIR- their beloved boder collie friend.! What a great day! The girls almost jumped off the train when they spotted Fir- and when we did get safely off- as they sprinted for him- he just about yanked Lin's arm off and dragged him over to the girls so fast that LIn almost tripped over! So everyone was very excited to see one another again! Here are some photos of our great day...

mucking around with Lin and FIR

Callum's cake!

Back soon with the Prima roadshow!


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