Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am still here.....

It has been a busy week again-not much of the old scrapbooking going on unfortunately but i do have a layout to share from a few weeks ago when i went to Scrappin Patch's birthday crop day. I have been feeling a little bit lacking in the mojo department recently so decided to try a sketch from the BoBunny blog to give me a kickstart and to try something new - so i did some stamping on my layout but it turned out very subtle in the end but still pleased with it and will try some more stamping for sure.  


On the personal front i have had my mum staying this week which has been nice to see her after a about a 5 month break- she enjoyed her time with the girls so hopefully we will see her just after Christmas as she tends to go driving around in the caravan with her husband around then and may be able to call in- heres hoping!

It has been show week in Canterbury this week- so we all had a holiday yesterday for Show Day- Simon has been busy getting the pool all cleaned so that we can hopefully go swimming next week- still will be cold but the girls don't seem to care and i put them in wetsuits anyway till the temperature gets up to a proper level!We will see how the weather goes!

While mum was here we took the chance to go into town and have a look at the new shopping area that they have just completed for show week- using shipping containers for the shops! It was very funky and very cool- they have been very clever- i hope that they keep some of them later on! We went for a walk up Colombo street and it was eerie still seeing all the buildings gone- some blocks were almost empty- everything had been demolished and just empty blocks. Still roads blocked off and lots of demolitions still going on- all of the big building still have to come down- still armed guards at closed off roads- still lots of cracks and destruction everywhere but progress is being made slowly and it was great to see so many people supporting the new shops- even though it was just a small area- its a start!

After we had made our way down Colombo we stopped off for some shopping - here is Hollie having fun

Nana has had her operation on her elbow and is now the bionic woman with a new metal elbow joint- so glad that they have finally done the operation after she has had to wait almost a week in hospital with multiple breaks in her arm!

Simon and i took the opportunity while mum was here (and we had a babysitter) to go out for dinner for our anniversary next week . With Nana being in hospital and all we knew we wouldn't be covered for the 17th and after the Melbourne heartbreak we didn't want to not even be able to go out fordinner on our anniversary so we went early! We had a lovely meal and it was nice to be able to have some time together even if it was for only a few hours!

Oh and if you aren't bored enough already here are some Halloween photos from a few weeks ago that i haven't posted yet- the girls had a great time at the Halloween party . Its held every year at Prebbleton school- lots of dancing and party themed scary food - games like wrap up the mummy and a parade along the streets and through the graveyard around the haunted house and a bag of lollies to finish! A great night for the girls and quite alot of fun for mums and dads too.

okey dokey- i promise to be back soon and will share about the Prima roadshow and the 2 mini albums that i completed and meeting the lovely Sharon and the hilarious Cari!


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vickiparker said...

I think your photos of the container shops could be my photos too. LOL. It is very funky and very cool and I hope they keep some of it as well. Glad you managed to do your dinner out and you know you could have kept your Halloween look when you came back to the crop. LOL