Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Settle in - this will be a long one!!

First of all - i wanted to share a layout that went up today at Scrappin Patch for Inspiration Wednesday. This week Adrienne gave me some of the beautiful traditional My Minds Eye- Noel range to use for scrapping last years Christmas photos. This range features the traditional muted reds and greens and comes with a stunning range of matching embellishments-my favourite were the brads as you can see on my layout! My layout features Zoe opeing up her ripstcik from last years Xmas Day- it was at the very top of her Santa wishlist so she was stoked to finally have one and she spent a good 2 weeks everyday practising on it until she could ride it- here is a photo of her riding it

And here is my layout showing the great unveiling

Anyhoo-what has been happening in my world- well 2 things have happened  over the last few weeks that have been very heartbreaking in their own way- the first was my dad and the girls grandad mving away - back to Nelson a good 6 hours drive away. We will really miss him- he lived on the same street so he was so close and has been a constant in the girls lives for the last 2.5 years. Hollie especially has never known Grandad not being here and he is her favourite person in the world ( aside from Simon and I of course). It has been so lovely to see th bond between dad and Hollie - he has been here from Day one with her and she will really miss him. He has formed a bond though with all the girls- a joking bond with Lucy- she loved Grandad putting her to bed as he always put her up the wrong way with her feet at the top and was alwayts making her laugh! Ella adored Grandad- she would sit for ages lying across his lap so that he could stroke her back and he used to give Ella a hard time all the time as they shared the same wacky sense of humour- he used to call Ella - Wally- and would always be playing tricks on her - Zoe will miss her Grandad too and having him around and a part of her life. Hopefully he will still visit and we can make it up there a bit mroe often!

Here are some photos of our goodbye party!

What a crazy bunch!!

The second news was more heartbreaking for both Simon and I. As it  is our 10th wedding anniversary this year we had organised childcare for the 4 girls and had gone ahead and booked a 5 night trip to Melbourne for our anniversary. We had found a great deal for the flights and the accomodation and were really looking forward to having some quality time together- with 4 girls you can imagine that there isn't a great deal of that! So we were heartbroken when we were so let down - i tried everything to organise something else for the girls- even seeing if mum could look after the big 2 girls so i only had to find cover for the little 2- asking friends- splitting the girls up- checking out nannies( too expensive) asking at preschool if we could pay someone there to look after them on a roster system. It all got too hard so we had to cancel our much longed for trip and lost a great deal of money. We are absolutely gutted and feel so let down still but we have to move on. Maybe when the girls are a little bigger they can each stay with a friend for a couple of days so that we can have some time off!

Anyway- we have booked a trip to Queenstown and are taking all the girls naturally- so that will be alot of fun for all of us- we went there for our honeymoon 10 years ago so it will be coming full circle returning there but this time with 4 children in tow! So we at least have that to look forward to.

Anyhoo - at least i have some of my mojo back now- i felt so gutted that i didn't even feel like scrapping or blogging or doing anything much at all- hence my silence on my blog- but moving on - we have a family holiday to look forward to- i am off with a dear friend to have a whole day scrapping this Saturday and doing some Nic Howard classes- i have a great day of scrapping at Scrappin Patch with a class by the gorgeous Robbi on the 15th October - my birthday coming up-another full day crop on the 29th October at Scrappin Patch to celebrate its birthday at the new premises and then the Prima Roadshow on the 1st November. Lots to keep me busy and happy!

Back soon with more to share


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Cindy Gay said...

Your blog is nice and it's great to be able to show a photo of your daughter using her present she was opening in the layout!