Monday, October 17, 2011

grab a cuppa- another long post ahead!

Hi everyone. Settle in for another long post of family stuff to share for those of you out of town!
Well- school holidays are one week in and the girls have been really great. They have loved the sunny weather and just being able to play outside- the trampoline has come into its own again and they all love to play outside after tea now too.

We have been busy as usual- we went to the Smurfs movie- not too bad- i loved the smurfs cartoon when i was younger! They have had friends to play and just enjoyed mooching around. We have seen the return of Fir the border collie so Zoe and the girls have been down to play with him every day and take him for a walk. Poor Jo has been so patient with them as they go and visit everyday! i snapped a few photos of the girls with Fir at the park oneday- boy do they just love that dog....especially ZOE!

What has Hollie been up to? Well, apart from getting into my pantry today and breaking 3 dozen eggs everywhere she has now taken to climbing the huge tree  at the front of the section. Imagine my surprise and terror when i found her up the tree happy as larry- she is way above my head in this photo and out of reach- i am no good with measurements but believe me she was high up!

This week has been all about the rugby as the business end of the competition starts with the semi finals. Simon and i took the girls to the Telecom Stand in Black roadshow last week and the girls had a great time. It was all interactive for the kids with huge blow up bouncy castle type activities for the kids. On their favourite one they had tocatch the balla nd then race another person onto the bouncy castle field- thru the tyres- through the tunnel- over and through the squeeze and then knock down a whole heap of blow up players to get through to the try line! i have a video of the big girls doing the game so will see if i can upload it! You could also get your photo taken with the allblacks thanks to technology - they come around behind you on the computer screen- very clever! All in all a great couple of hours that the kids loved. Here are some photos of the day....

Simon was SOOOO excited to head up to Auckland on Saturday for the 2 semi finals- he managed to wing 2 tickets to the Wales v France game through his work and then managed to buy some tickets from a friend at work for the huge AllBlacks v Aussie game. He was beyond excited - check out these photos....

It did mean that he missed my birthday on Sunday but who could deny him the opportunity to go see 2 world cup games eh? Even i watched the AllBlacks game last night and was so proud of the team - they all played brilliantly and stuck it well and truly to the Aussies who din't even look in the same league at all! HAHAHA! So we have one hand on the cup already- one game to go- AllbLacks v France - the same as in 1987 when we won last time!

Anyhoo- i had a nice birthday- Sarah and i are birthday twins so we all went out together for breakfast which was lovely and Jo and family came too. The girls thought it was very cool being waited on as they had never been to a resaturant before and were fascinated by the waitresses and seeing the chefs working in the kitchen- why do they put the food under the lights for? why does the lady write down on her notebook  etc etc....

here are some photos of us birthday girls

I had a great day on Saturday too i must say! I took a vintage album class with the effervescent Robbi and 8 others. It was a full day affair from 9-5pm and very full on to get the album completed by the end of the day. I absolutely loved it and learnt so much- how to make all the envelopes and folding out pages - truly excellent - i want to put some photos of my dear grandparents in who are both in heaven now and write lots of journalling so that my children can see and read about their wonderful great grandparents!

Well its late and i should get to bed- looking forward to having my hubby home tomorrow- he has been to Auckland 3 of the last 4 weeks and i miss him!

Back later to share some scrapbooking work!


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