Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend Round up

Well , we have had a very busy weekend- culminating in a visit to Centennial Park this evening to see the All Blacks in person! This photo was one of the few that i got as it was absolutely FREEZING- and the AllBlacks were all onstage or behind fences so we couldn't get very close or get photos really! The girls enjoyed going on the free bouncy castles and being amongst the atmosphere- they have been learning quite abit about the rugby world cup at school as they could name a few players and more impressively could name almost all the countries flags by sight while we were in the PO! So it was quite cool for them to go along and Zoe put her posters of the All Blacks straight up on her wall when she got home! I even watched part of a game last night- oh what fun it was to see Australia trounced by Ireland!!  I thought the Irish captains comment after the game was funny when he thanked the crowd for being so supportive and that they could have been in Dublin as they had most of the crowd behind them! All the Irish and all the kiwis who were hoping Australia would lose!
The rest of the weekend has been just as busy- Simon took Lucy and Ella garage saling on Saturday and Lucy found a real bargain- a Barbie campervan that opens up and has all the appliances- fridge - fold out beds bathroom etc- and a fold out swimming pool! She has been playing with it all weekend and gave all her dolls a turn playing in the pool this afternoon! Simon took the girls for a swim in the afternoon which they loved.

Zoe has been busy practising walking on her stilts that dad made for her- she has been keen to have a try after seeing Cathryn and Lauren had some and has been nagging Simon to make her some for weeks so finally she has them- she was quite quick to pick it up!

 This morning we had our official family portrait taken- we have it done every year and its really nice to see how much everyone has grown and changed over the past year.Hopefully it will turn out all right! Lucy actually let me take some photos of her today after i begged and pleaded with her- actually all i had to do was point out that i had no recent photos of her compared to the others and that i wouldn't be able to do any beautiful pages of her with all the flowers and trinkets she had picked out from my scrap room! That did the trick! She was cute though as she wanted a photo with Ella too- i love the second one as Lucy adores Ella and really does look up to her. Lucy has been a real sweetheart lately- she has been so polite and helpful to me and such a good girl- she has won the pocket money prize the last 3 weeks in a row!

Rightio - off to bed i go

Hope you have had a great weekend too


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