Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sisterly Love

Hi Everyone, hope that you are having a great week. This is a layout that i put up today on the Scrappin Patch forum for the forum challenge .My challenge was to scraplift this layout. There is a challenge each day this week and for each one that  you complete you go in the draw for some great prizes from Adrienne at Scrappin Patch. So have a go - would love to see what you create! Had a fun day today as Simon and I had to do a Rock N roll dance demo at Lucy and Hollie's preschool! we spent all last night practising! The kids enjoyed it anyway and then we taught them some moves and it was a really fun time! They have been learning about some different types of dance- the first week they had Charlie - a young guy come in and show them the shuffle- a mixture of the running man and the charleston???- wht i would describe as :CLUB dancing to electronic music- very cool and the kids have danced to it almost every day since then! Last week they had 2 ladies come in and do line dancing so this week it was our turn to do rock n roll. Next week a lady is coming to do Highland dancing- so its all go at preschool- they really do have the coolest preschool!!! The teachers are just awesome too!

Looking forward to tomorrow as SImon is taking a half day so that we can catch up with his oldest and best friend who will be here tomorrow with his family including his new son- so i will get some baby cuddles - hooray!! He is like a brother to me too as he was a good friend of mine before Simon and i got together too- he is like the brother that i never had and i love hime to bits. So i am really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow for lunch- just SImon and i too mostly as the little 2 are at preschool then they can join us-once i have had a chance to have a catch up!!

The big 2 are so excited about their school disco tomorrow- it had to be cancelled after the June earthquakes so they are so happy that they will finally get to go- they have worked out what they will be wearing and what they will be buying in the food and glowstick categories already!

Only 2 weeks to go till the retreat- i cannot wait!!


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