Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prima for August

Hi everyone,  This is my entry for  the Prima BAP for last month.I wasn't sure about the sketch at first- the circles always freak me out abit but this was what i came up with . Quite different for me but iam okay with it! Sweet wee Hollie is a real chatterer now- the bee dress is on most days - its looking abit tatty now so a new dress might need to be on the cards soon! The stripes are big at the moment - everything has to be stripey- and she points out anything with stripes on - plates- clothes etc.... She still loves babies and sleeps with her baby evryday. Last week she moved into a big girls bed which was a momentous change! She was fine but mummy was abit teary thinking that my baby was out of her baby cot and there are no more babies coming along now....The other 3 girls were into a bed by 18-24 months so she has been in there the longest- mostly because i wanted to keep her in there to make sure she slept! My only concern was that if she moved to a bed she might not keep up her daytime sleep- but she has been fine- we had to move the bed away from near the door as she quickly discovered that she could a) turn the light on by standing on the bed and b) open the door and come out. Once we moved the bed away from the door and on the opposite side of the room she couldn't do either!! The next big step is starting toilet  training in the next few months once it warms up!

We went into Hagley Park today to have our photos taken in the daffodils as we do every year and wouldn't you know it - turned the camera on and the battery was dead!!hHGHG@*****!! I only charged it a few days ago too! So no photos- so annoyed as it was a well planned exercise as it has to be with 4 kids and a husband married to his job and computer screen- managed to get dad away from work after only 10 hours there- a short day for him! had the kids all packed in - changed clothes, hairbrushed, food and drink to keep them happy, bread for the ducks,, sunny day - all set to go.... ahhh best laid plans- can i bothered to go through the whole exercise again another day to get those photos??? MMMM! Well apparently it is supposed to be cold and maybe snowing AGAIN- from tomorrow - hence the trip in today- so we will see if there are any flowers left in the weekend!

MIght get some photos tomorrow of Hollie anyway as  we are off on the bus to the gardens with our friend and her son- the 2 little ones are so excited about going on the bus!

Back later with more to share


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