Monday, August 29, 2011

OMG how cute was that dog!!

Well i may almost be converted to the idea of having a dog one day. This is a big admission for me as i am not a dog person- i can coo over cute puppies but have never wanted a dog at all. This week a dear friend of ours has been dog minding, "Fur" ,a border collie and the sweetest dog you could imagine. The gilrs absolutely ADORED him! We had him for the day on Saturday and took him to the dog park and for a swim and then another walk. He was supposed to go back at $pm but the girls went and asked if he could stay at our house till after teatime as they were having so much fun. I think that :FUR' was probably exhausted by the days end. The girls spent most of Sunday visiting him too and then as he was going home today they had to go and see him straight after school. I have heard the phrase : i wish we could have a dog like FUR, mum" why can't we have a dog like :fur: mum? why can't Jo just keephim? why does he have to go home mum? Ahhhh- they were so sad tonight at the thought of  him going home as he comes from Invercargill- at the bottom of the South Island- onlya good 5-6 hours away! He did have the sweetest face and the loveliest nature- he was fantastic on the lead and off when we went for walks and diodn't bark at all- he was great in the car and just sat down with his head in one of the girls laps! He was a great dog and hopefully the girls will see him again one day!

The rest of the photos show the girls at Jo's house- the 3 big girls had fun drawing with chalk on the drive way and i couldn't resist taking a photo of their artwork especially Zoe and Ella's pictures of Fur as well! Ella of course tripped over and got covered in chalk - typical Ella! Hollie and Callum chilled out inside- they are getting to be good buddies! Hollie in her bee dress as always- and at the moment in stripes- everyday she has to have "stripies on" so today we did quite well - stripey socks and a stripey top!

Will have some more scrapbook pages to share in a few days- including the PrimaBAP for August- a Teresa Collins layout - love her lines- and a new sketch for Sept challenge at Scrappin Patch.

Better get to sleep


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vickiparker said...

ROFL I've got a dog like Fur!!!! They are the best so can see where your girls are coming from. LOL