Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hairy Moments

With 4 girls - it can be quite a mission to get everyones hair washed and dried and looking nice all the time.Especially when they all want their hair as long as possible and HATE getting it brushed! So i was quite surprised the other day when Zoe and Ella actually asked to get their photo taken with their hair nicely done- Zoe was excited as she had crinkly hair frm it being in plaits- her hair is normally very straight compared to her 3 sisters which are varying degrees of wavy or curly. Ella has my hair- brown, thick and bushy and never normally looks as if you have brushed it even after you just have! Lucy is the white blonde curly haired one- who has taken a liking to massacring her hair with the scissors on more than one occassion over the last few months- to my horror - i found more clumps of blonde hair behind the couch and found her regrown fringe- FINALLY- had been trimmed again right up her forehead!! When i asked her why she kept cutting her hair and especially her fringe she said that she didn;t want to be like Rapunzel in the movie- TANGLED- with too long hair! GRRRRR!
Anyway - here are some recent shots of Zoe and Ella- doing weird bendy things with her thumb that is a weird dad and his side of the family thing!!! Lucy does have long hair at the back - its just been self trimmed at the front and the sides!

We did get snow on Sunday night and Monday and today Tuesday - so the kids have been off school and pre school for 2 days- so i am ready for them to go back tomorrow! They have had a  great time though- SImon spent an hour and a half building a ramp up in the snow last night so that they could sled down the front lawn today- got some great shots so will upload those tomorrow! This afternoon he took them to the local BMX track in his lunch hour so that they could sled down the ramp and hills there which they loved too!

Hope you locals have enjoyed the snow and maybe a break from work if you are lucky-


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vickiparker said...

My oldest hated her "fluffy hair" and then she discovered hair straighteners!! Mind you she did love her crinkles after plaits too and still does even at nearly 21. LOL. Lovely photos but you have to giggle at the last one. LOL