Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The colour PURPLE

Hello everyone! This week my colour class with Nic Howard has reached purple on the rainbow of colours-( a mixture of indigo and violet.) This week i am happy with what i have created!! I have had these photos of Lucy for awhile now and have been waiting to scrap them so purple was a perfect fit  for these ones! Nic's class has been wonderful and i have learnt so much - next week is the last week and i am going to be so sad when its over! She is running a double page class in Sept so i plan to sign up for that one too! If you are interested go to the Big Picture Scrapbooking classes website or to Nic's blog for details! You won't regret doing one of her classes- they are packed full of techniques and heaps of material and advice!

Anyhoo-this is just a quick post before i head off to do the preschool and school pickup for the big 3 girls. I managed to get a few good photos of Zoe and Ella the other night so will upload some in the next few days- as i know some family members will like to see those especially!

Kids are so much fun- sometimes i get so tired from being up two or three times in the night and dealing with naughty children at times and think - gosh i would love some peace and quiet and then they do something that brings a smile to your face and you remember that the good things ALWAYS outweigh the few bad times. Take last night- i was tired - Simon was home really late from work again and i was looking forward to having some me time once all the girls were in bed and then as i was rounding up PJ"s and toothbrushes from bathroooms and bedrooms i come out to the lounge and all the lights are out and all 4 girls are dressed up to the nines with heels (mine mostly) and makeup- having a dance party in the lounge with the disco lights on and all dancing around nicely together! They looked so happy and gorgeous i just watched quietly for a moment before i joined in and then daddy came home and joined in too!! It was lots of fun- if anyone had turned up they would have wondered what the heck was going on!!

Hope you are having a great week and taking the time to smile at life's little moments!


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