Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is the last layout for Nic Howards colour class- neutrals. I went for the browns and blacks and with a small pop of colour in the embellies. I have really enjoyed this class and am looking forward to learning more in the double layout class coming up in Sept. This is Zoe with her BFF- Cathryn- they have been best buds for a couple of years now and we now consider their whole family our friends and we do lots together socially which is great- through the girls friendship Simon and i have made 2 new friends as well. This layout uses lots of Prima and some transparencies and some chipboard, lace and flowers and glimmermist.
It has been such a busy day today - i am really tired as Ella has been sick for 2 days and been off school - the poor thing looks so miserable and tired and has a really barky cough - so she has been up every night and sleeping for awhile with me before i pop her back to bed about 3am- 4am. i hope that she is almost over it - i hate seeing her so sick and miserable- why don't cough lollies make your sore throat go away- she keeps asking!!

Anyhoo- besides looking after her - i did have a fun part to my day. Yesterday Zoe's teacher asked- infact almost begged me to come and help at school this afternoon as they had no parent helps for the Science Alive visit. I knew he must have been desperate to ask me as he knows i have 2 preschoolers and they couldn't come- anyway Simon said that should be fine- he would be working and the girls would have to fend for themselves- Hollie would be asleep and Lucy and Ella would have to play and watch TV. So off i went and it was really great- i was impressed.

The class was spilt into 5 groups and the lady read them a story about a town and 5 people in the town - one of which was a shopkeeper and you ha to solve the mystery as to who stole some things from her shop- you ha 3 pieces of evidence - s smudged note- some powder on the floor and some different powder on the doorhandle. We then split into our groups and had to do some chemical experiments on 5 substances- flour, sugar, baking powder, milk powder and plaster. We did things like adding water, adding acid, adding Iodine, heating the powders and observing their colour and texture. The kids were really into it and all cooperated amazingly well- well my 5 did anyway!

Once we had done all the experiments we then were given 2 bottles of powder- one from the floor and one from the doorhandle and had to retest them and then work out what they were and why and so who did we think stole the products from the shop? We then had to use a Chromotology test to test the pen that was used to write the note- to clinch who we thought it was. It was very cleverly done and had all the kids attention every step of the way- what an awesome thing to have taught at school! For 7-8 year olds it was awesome- they loved seeing the rocket shoot into the air as well - with the baking soda and acid trick- i bet a few mums were wondering why their kids asked for those things after school today! 

by the time i had taken Zoe to swimming and done tea and baths and bedtime routines it was 7.15pm and i was supposed to go out to meet some friends but all i wanted to do was to crawl into my bed - turn my electric blanket on- snuggle with my big fat cat and play on my computer before catching up on some well needed sleep!

Hope your day has gone well - looking forward to getting some scrapping done on Friday- i just haven;t had any time this week!


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