Saturday, July 9, 2011

Welcome to the sick house!

Ahhh - winter colds have hit the Evans household this week I started coming down with the watery eyes, pounding head and runny nose on Thursday night and Friday was a write off. I spent most of the day in bed and even had a sleep in the afternoon which never happens!! Luckily Friday is the best day to be sick as both little ones are at preschool in the morning and then Hollie comes home and has a sleep so most of the day can be spent a)- scrappin b) shopping c) tidying the house d) sleeping if you are sick! Simon did  a great job of looking after me and collecting kids etc- and he was pleased as it was Friday he still got lots of work done as it was a pretty kid free day till 2.30pm. Anyway - i even missed my weekly crop  this week but i literally couldn't drag myself from my bed! Today - Sat i am pretty much over it but Hollie and Ella have been sick today - Ella especially has been in bed all day. So hopefully those 2 will feel better tomorrow!

This is a layout that i did the other week- using some Sassafrass Lass papers. They are quite different to what i would normally use but i thought they looked really fun and would match these photos of Hollie running around at the park. Its so funny how kids just love to run when they get into a wide open space- Hollie and Lucy just had a ball running around and chasing each other and dad!
Hope you having a sunny weekend- hopefully will be able to get out and about somewhere tomorrow with the girls!



Rochelle said...

Sorry to hear you have been struck down with sickness! How annoying, we certainly missed you last night at crop.Hope you all feel better soon xo

Camilla Ekman said...

What a fun layout! The banners and flowers look so good! I don't do Sassafrass very well - you do!!!

Kerryn said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hi Francine :).

Love what you've done with the Sass papers here. They definitely suit the photo of your daughter!

Have a great day!!