Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prima for June and a busy week as usual!

This is my entry for this months Prima BAP. I thought that i had better even things out as Zoe hadn't had a layout with lots of flowers and bling for awhile as she pointed out! This is using the gorgeous Moulin Rouge collection. I used my trusty corner punch to make a pretty circle diecut and a different punch to go around my bracket shape to give it some definition.I love it that at 8 she still says mum i love you- several times a day and always as i turn the light out - even if we have had a few barneys that day!

As i type this Zoe is performing at a ROck n Roll show- so i hope she has done well and had lots of fun.She looked awesome in her new dress and shoes and all made up ready to go. Simon took Zoe and Nana with him tonight as she hasn't seen Zoe dance yet so i thought it would be nice to let her go- as long as Simon takes lots of photos and videos the dance for me to watch when they come home!

It has been another busy week- Preschool meetings and my girls group and cropping last night- i was so tired that i didnt really achieve much! On Thursday i helped out at Lucy's preschool as they ahd their Matariki- Maori New Year celebrations (abit late because of the aftershocks etc). It was a fabulous show- they all looked so amazing with their grass skirts on- feathers in their hair and their woven headbands, They even had mokos on their chins and the boys all had capes and full tatoos on their faces!

They put on quite a show- they did so well as they did about 7 songs and so there were alot of words to remember in another language and all the actions too. Lucy was up the back though as she is the tallest by miles- which was a shame as the older ones were obviously more into it than the 2 and 3 year olds at the front and we couldn't see the older children who were actually doing all the actions at the back! I didn;t get many photos during the show because she was tucked away at the back and she was refusing to have her photo taken before! I have some hilarious photos of her with her thunderbrows and arms crossed - full pout refusing to have her photo taken! I will try and download those tomorrow! We had a yummy morning tea afterwards and it was another nice family day at Preschool!

My Nic Howard class started on Friday - the Colour class- this weeks colour was RED. So it had me searching frantically through my photos to see if i had any that had red in them! Luckily Hollie had a red dress on for her birthday photos in March so i had to use those! Next week is ORANGE and Yellow- i might have to take photos especially for that one as the  girls don't really wear alot of those colours! Anyway i had some time on Friday while the girls were at preschool and managed to get my page done for RED. And i am pretty pleased with it. Nic is a brilliant teacher- she gives you copious handouts and tips, sketches and examples and lots of extras. So if you get a chance to do this class in future it is well worth it! I will try and get a photo taken tomorrow to show you my effort!

Have a great rest of your weekend


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