Sunday, July 24, 2011

Phew- what a week-

Phew this has been a busy week which on the good side means that the first week of the holidays has literally flown by! I tell you what though my girls have a better social life than i do - i just about need a diary to keep up with all their activities in the holidays! They have been having a fantastic time and have been lucky to have done some cool activities! Here is a quick run down on activities for the elder 2
Monday- Zoe- PJ day at home Ella= visited Jo and stayed for lunch
Tuesday- Zoe and Ella - art project at local church- Cathryn came to play in the afternoon and Ella went to her friend Samantha's.
Wednesday- SImon and I went to our friends funeral
Lucy and Hollie to preschool for the morning
Zoe and Ella to Puppetry class at church and then to Cathyrns house for the afternoon
Thursday- Ella spent the day at Chelsy's house
Zoe - scottish dancing and then Cathryn and Lauren and Casey came over
Friday- Girls at preschool
Zoe- went to Jo's for the day
Ella went to see Jack and Beanstalk play with Chelsy and Samantha and stayed for lunch and afternoon at Samanthas- then Chelsy came for a sleep over at our house
Zoe went to Cathryns for a sleepover
Saturday- Zoe and Ella went to the movies with cousin Alex to see Kung Fu panda and had pizza for tea and stayed over for the night
Lucy and Simon went to see Cars2
Sunday- Nana's birthday party

Coming up this week- Monday- Lucy and Hollie preschool in the morning
Zoe- Cathyrn coming over in the afternoon and sleeping over
Lucy having Hannah over to play in teh afternoon and Ella going to Chelsy;s house
Tuesday- Zoe and Cathyrn scrapbooking class
Ella- 10 pin bowling with Chelsy and Samantha
Francine- preschool meeting
Wed- preschool for little 2- Ella getting hair straightened at preschool
Zoe - doctors session and doctors for me
Francine - Stitch and Bitch Club
Thursday- library play- Samantha staying over
Friday- preschool for littlies
Zoe and Ella to Cathryns for morning
Francine- Crop night
Saturday- Lucy party at Chipmunks
Sez and Keith coming over for dinner

Yes my life is a busy one! The girls love being busy like me though! Zoe is looking forward to getting back to school though and back to normal routine- hopefully we can factor in some more down time this week for the girls- they wanted to go to Lollipops as well this week as we have a pass but where on earth is that going to fit??????

Anyhoo- this is a layout that i finished on Friday about Lucy - Simon sometimes brings out his keyboard and stand and leaves it out for a week or so which gives the girls a chance to have a play with something new. Lucy love it and quite often sits there playing- she thinks she is an awesome player but it has automatic settings which plays itself!!! She is quite sweet though - i wished i had my camera handy the other day as Lucy and Hollie were sitting side by side playing it the other day and looked so cute!

It has been FREEZING today- about 2 degrees all day and we have had a few quick snow showers but nothing has stuck yet in CHCH- we are all hanging out to get a big dumping of snow as it hasn't snowed in CHCH for years- the girls and actually SImon more than anyone!! are rearing to get in the snow and have a play and do the snowman thing etc- maybe overnight- just heard from my sister - she went to the gym in DUnedin and couldn't drive her car home and had to walk home in her gym gear with groceries and library books through the snow blizzard- and she lives a fair hike from town! Maybe tonight it will snow- Lucy is hoping like her Charlie and Lola book that when she wakes up everything is ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY WHITE! Here's hoping!

Better get some rest for the big day tomorrow!


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Rochelle said...

Wow you are one busy Mumma! We are all crossing our fingers for a big snow too, how fun and the photo ops! hehe I don't think Lollipops are around anymore, closed after the quakes I think.
See you Weds :)