Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Orange week

Hi everyone,

This week the colours we were working with were Orange and Yellow for Nic Howards Colour class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have to confess that i almost never use yellow and very rarely orange although this year i have softened up abit on the orange front. One of my favourite paper ranges of all time was the Basic Grey one that i used on this layout actually- can i remember the name off the top of my head - no but i have used it alot!! I even went back and bought more of it and still have quite abit left! Anyway- this was my effort for the week. I loved the design of her layout and the fact that we had to include alot of journalling on our page. That is something that Nic Howard is pretty strong on - telling the story and not just having a beautiful page. I have been trying to do more of this lately- actually telling a story- afterall as a friend says to me - when my daughters look back at their albums they will only see lovely photos of themselves but no stories that will tell them what they enjoyed doing- any funny moments etc. So journalling and getting more photos on my pages has been a goal of mine! I also rarely actually type my journalling out- i used to when i first started scrapbooking a few years ago but just stopped doing it because writing was faster and with all the journalling cards and spots that you get now i just didn't bother. But now i like  the look- it looks more professional somehow- so you might see more of the typing look on  my layouts too!

I am still not that happy with this one and left it on my desk for a few days tinkering with it and trying to get my clusters right but failed. So i just left it and figured the main point of this layout afterall was the journalling and getting some orange on there right! It tells a story that Nic also relayed to us this week about trying to be an orange ie positive- rather than a sour lemon. So i used that as my base for my journalling giving my daughter some advice on being an orange!

Looking forward to having some scrappin time this week- after missing the crop night last week i am hanging out to have some relax time- and children being sick today - onto Lucy now- only Zoe to go with the tiredness and sleepiness bug and we are all done!

Hope you are having a great week


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Camilla Ekman said...

Beautiful colour combo. I love your design!