Monday, July 25, 2011

The Icing on the Quake!

well - ask and you shall receive and boy did we receive alot of snow!! WAHOO! It started at about 11.30pm last night and SImon and i were taking pictures and videos for the girls incase it didn't stay around. We shouldn't have worried as when we woke up this morning it was to a real winter wonderland! The girls were beyond excited and wanted to rush straight out at 7am in full blizzard conditions! I managed to hold them off till about 8.30am andthen they were out and about. I must have changed each of their clothes at least 3 times and socks about 10 times. They didn't seem to care that it was 0 degrees all day with a wind chill factor of -8 and they were soaking wet. Ella was absolutely soaked right through and refused to come in and get changed  at one point- she would have been out there all day blizzard or not! It was exciting for them as it only snows every 5 years or so and this was the biggest snowfall in 15 years. Almost everyone had the day off work - even Simon took an hour off and played with the girls for an hour or so and they helped our neighbours build a giant snowman! Dad came ot visit and Jo and Callum to admire our enormous snowman! Hollie wasn;t fussed at all about the snow and preferred to be inside where it was warm - sensible girl- she was very distressed about her hands getting so cold!! Crying HANDS< HANDS mama!!

An exciting snowy day but will be good to be back to normal again tomorrow- its supposed to be a nice sunny week for the rest of  the week - like last week so will be great for the rest of the holidays!

Hope you fellow Canterburians have enjoyed the snow!


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Camilla Ekman said...

It's in the middle of the summer here. LOL
We had A LOT of snow this winter too. Enjoy!