Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello - well as promised this is the layout that i did for Nic Howards Colour Class that i have been doing online. This week was RED as you can see and this is my effort. Normally i would have printed these photos in black and white and done something else entirely with them so i am really pleased to have my boundaries pushed and to be really happy with the result! Next week is ORANGE and YELLOW- which will definitely be a challenge as they are colours that i don't naturally tend to gravitate towards although i have started using orange more but yellow that is my bogey colour and one i NEVER use!! Will be fun next week!
Hope you like my effort! If you love Nic Howard and missed out on this class- you can do a cluster embellishment class online for only $12.00 - yes thats right - you get 3 handouts and sketches and examples and tips- its well worth it- just head over to Big Picture Classes and go for it!

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