Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green is my favourite and my best and the saddest day ever......

This is my layout for GREEN at Nic Howards Big Picture Scrapbooking Colour class and one that i am actually happy with! This layout was made with some My Minds Eye- Lost and Found papers- i just loved the colours of this range- the soft vintagely greens that i always associate with Ella as she is such a natural earthy girl! I am really enjoying the class and learning some new techniques and tricks! This week the colour is BLUE which i am looking forward to as its not a colour that i use alot!

Today has been one of the saddest days of my life as we attended the funeral of our neighbour and friend who died at only 34. The service was lovely- i really liked the photo montage they had to music which showed his life from childhood through marriage and kids till the last sad few weeks. It was nice that 6 people all spoke representing all the different aspects of his life - from family to best friends to work colleagues. I spent most of the time in tears as did Simon- especially when the minister asked where Simon was with the pool and how he had enjoyed his nighly swims with Simon under the stars and that we should remember him as we looked up at the stars as he would be watching us. So sad...

Its hard to believe that someone so young with a young family who was fit and healthy could die within 6 weeks. It is just such a tragedy and i feel so much for his kids and my friend now left on her own with all her dreams for the future gone.

It has made me realise to enjoy each day - to take the time to have fun with my family- to love my husband  dearly everyday- to take photos of the girls together and with their dad doing everyday things- to have special moments with my husband and photos of us together are as important to document as well as the girls. You never know when suddenly one of them could be taken from you.

This kind of tragedy really does make you realise what is really important- at the end of the day it is FAMILY- cherish every moment that you have together.



Rochelle said...

Love those soft tones in the layout, beautiful!
Yesterday certainly was a tough and emotional day, I was so exhausted last night. All I keep thinking is gosh life ain't fair, can't seem to get my head around it. She's blessed to have you and Simon as close neighbours though, I'm sure you are a great support! See you tomorrow night hun xo

Trina said...

Francine, such a tragedy. My thoughts are with you.