Monday, July 18, 2011

Day one and i am knackered already!

Well , day one of the school holidays and i felt like i needed a rest today already as we have had a super busy weekend with all the girls activities that we have had on! It started out on Friday night with me at my crop night and Zoe had a Cub Campout which she loved. On Saturday afternoon i went to the International Day- India with Ella for Pippins. These are  some of the photos from the day - the girls loved getting dressed up in the sari;s- some of them were sooo long - Ella's green and purple one went round her about 10 times! They had a great time doing lots of art and cooking samosas and larking about. The Indian lady who did the dancing was great and the girls all enjoyed dancing around to the Bopllywood style music. Ella really got into it and danced the longest after the others had given up! It was a great afternoon!

On Saturday night Simon and i were supposed to go and see the new Harry Potter movie with some friends but we couldn't find a babysitter for love nor money and we asked about 10 people! In the end i had to stay at home with the girls and Simon went and took Zoe as his date which worked out okay as he had planned to go with her anyway- i will just have to go another time!

 Sunday was a beautiful sunny and warm day - i went out in just a T- Shirt and skirt it was so mild for July! I took the 3 big girls to the Bike Park at Burnside for a bike around and we took our friend and her son along too. The girls just love biking around at full speed and it is a great setup. They have it all set up like a proper road with all the signs- stop, give way, speed signs, pedestrian crossings , even a railway crossing so they can practise what it would be like on the road. It has a playground too so they can alternate between the biking and the playing! If you have kids and haven't been its a great free activity for the holidays on a sunny day- my girls just love it!

We then rushed back as Zoe and Ella had iceskating for a cub scout fundraiser on Sunday night so i went along with them and a friend and her 3 cub scouts. Her and I weren't so keen on the skating part but i thought i had better have a go as Ella hadn't been before and i  thought i might have to help her abit- next time i know now i can just sit and watch! After the first 15 minutes of sticking to the side and falling over a fair bit and getting wet she was off and having a great time! The disco and strobe lights and loud music were all new to her but she loved it. Zoe was just a blur for the whole 2 hours and never even stopped for a snack! Ella said to me 'MUM- i just LOVE skating - can we come back everyday? So cute!

So you can imagine that Zoe was knackered after 3 nights out and i was too with all the activities! We had a quiet day today- Zoe never even made it out of her PJ's!

Hope you are having a great time with your kids over the holidays for those of you in the same boat as me!

Back soon with my Nic Howard layout for the week in GREEN. Really happy with this one!


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