Saturday, July 16, 2011

All Grown Up

This is my entry for this months Prima  Build a Page. I wanted to do a monochromatic page for a change and decided to do a colour that i don;t use alot so that is how it came to be BLUE! This is Zoe at Hagley Park in June- she really does seem to be all grown up now. The past few months she has matured so much - her moods have settled down abit and she seems much calmer. She takes herself off to her room now if she is feeling stressed and enjoys doing her colouring ion or playing with playdough ( yes the girls have rediscovered this the past few weeks and love it) or watches Tv for awhile. She just needs that chill out time away from the others and the chaos of having 3 noisy sisters! She has been wonderful with Hollie and has really taken her under her wing - none of the others are allowed in her room only Hollie. Quite often Hollie will be snuggled up by Zoe in bed watching Tv or playing quietly with her big sister which is so nice to see! Now i just have to get Lucy and Zoe to get along - they tend to avoid each other- they both get on with Ella and Hollie but never play together at all- maybe that will change with time- at the moment i think that Zoe thinks Lucy is just the annoying little sister!

I have had a busy day today - i went to Ella's Pippin International Day - today was India. So the girls had lots of Indian themed activities to do - like dressing up in sari's, doing henna handprints, making art pictures with coloured rice- making samosas- etc. They really enjoyed the Bollywood dancing at the end- the Indian lay that was teaching them was great! Even i had a go- it was fun! My camera battery has died so once it is recharged i will post some photos of the girls all dressed up in sari's and dancing around! When i got home my husband had even cooked a curry for my tea which was delicious- i didn;t get to eat much though as all the girls liked it too and ate most of mine!

Simon and Zoe have gone to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight- Zoe was really excited about seeing the movie and was all dressed up in black with a witches hat on. I think she was just as excited at being allowed to stay up and go to the movies like a grown up at night time! I may regret that decision tomorrow when she is super grumpy though! She had a cub campfire night last night so has had 2 very late nights and she is one that definitely needs alot of sleep! She does sleep in though thank goodness! I get to go later in the week so am looking forward to that one!

Have a great weekend


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