Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Once again this is using one of my favourite lines Fine and Dandy. Lucy has really got into the whole doctor roleplaying games this year  at preschool initially and then at home. She has her operating room and office at preschool all set up and then sees her patients- on one day that i was there she had an operation on a sore tummy and bandaged a lady that had blood on her face ( an image that she had seen on TV a few times after the earthquake), a sore arm and someone that needed an injection and someone that was too hot and needed some PINK (pamol). When the teacher asked her how much the bill would be she came straight back with 80 bucks!! Thats my girl!  We got her a doctors kit for her birthday and this is Doctor Lucy bandaging a patient with a sore arm and then she gave me an injection telling me " This might hurt a bit but you will be ok mum!!!" When i asked her if she wanted to go as a doctor for her dress up day as she might want to be a doctor when she grows up - she looked at me like i was stupid and said " No mum when i grow up i 'm going to be a FAIRY!" Oh well , i'll keep hoping that the doctor ambition will win through eventually!

Happy Scrapping


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