Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doctor on call

Doctor Lucy featuring again - the last doctor layout i promise!! It has been a nice change doing some multi [photo layouts that tell a story and using some nice bright colours and not so many flowers. Change is always good right?

Life has been busy here this week - i have had my forgetfull mother staying with me again- so far she has lost he wallet and her keys and once almost herself when she went for a walk- but has coped really well with the earthquakes we had on Monday!

Mum has taken Lucy for a walk so once i collected the girls from school after the 6.3 one i cruised around the mall to see if i could spot them as they were supposed to beback but mum has little concept of time either. I dropped the 2 big girls at home and Simon shot off on his scooter - no way could i have used the car by this time as traffic was gridlocked - and tried to find them. I knew Lucy would be fine but had no idea how mum would be - whether she would panic and get lost and disorientated  etc etc- luckily he found the 2 of them happily ensconced at Mac Donalds both quite non plussed by the earthquakes so that was a relief!

The first thing Ella said when i picked her up from school was - now dad has to take us to MacDonalds tonight!! Simon had promosed the girls that if there was another earthquake over 5.5 then he would take them to MACD's. A treat that doesn't happen too often in our house! But of course it closed so their treat happened tonight so they were all happy campers tonight instead!

Looking forward to getting some scrapping done at a crop night tomorrow night. I have missed getting anything done with having the 2 little ones at home this week due to preschool being shut. Luckily school went back on Wed- the girls didn't want to be off again.Looks like it will be weeks before the preschool opens as they have to be checked by the council engineers and they are well down the waiting list. Frustrating when you know that there will be little or no damage at all but is really just red tape. Nevermind it has been nice to spend some time with the little ones and for Granny to have some more time with them- we went to dancing today and Lucy had a friend over so it was a busy one!

Have a great weekend

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