Thursday, June 23, 2011

Caught the Bug from Mum- and Another Aftershock abit too close!

Hi Everyone,

The last few days have been slightly surreal here in CHCH. Firstly on Tuesday night there was another aftershock that unsettled a few more Cantabrians. It was only a 5.4 but because it was centred in Halswell which is not far from us it felt sooo much bigger. It was the first time that glasses fell from shelves and smashed on the floor some blind fell down and bottles on shelves fell in the bathrooom and in Zoes room the wardrobe opened and books and toys all crashed out. It was very scary and i am not usually fazed by them now. It felt like it was right under opur house and was such a violent sudden shake. Simon who is usually so calm freaked out - we both thought that it must have been a 6 at least and when the phone was down our first thought is always - that was big- i hope that it wasn't centred near our already ruined CBD or out East. We had about 5 aftershocks in 6 minutes which still led us to believe that it must be a biggie. So we were very surprised that it was only a 5.4 and based in Akaroa- this was wrong- based in Halswell they corrected the next day - only a 2 hour difference in travel time!!! No wonder it felt so big and did more damage here since it was just up the road! Only Zoe woke up and she was fine after a cuddle and a milo- the other 3 didn't even stir in their sleep- bless them!

Today the government has finally announced part of its package deals to help CHCH people in the worst affected areas. The whole city has been divided into 4 zones- RED- unlivable- you need to move- this affects about 5000 peoples homes- the govt will pay the market value for your home so you can take the money and run from CHCH or rebuild in a green zone. Green zone like us is safe to rebuild or fix up any damage- orange zone is still being assessed after last weeks earthquakes and affects another 9000 or so homes- they may well be red as well after further checks. White zones are still to be assesssed as well. So the sad news is that whole suburbs like Avonside, Avondale, Dallington, Burnside, New Brighton, Wainoni and Bexley are absolutely stuffed and can't be rebuilt. They have major land damage and liquifaction some properties have sunk 2 metres below sea level! So it means that there will be quite an exodus from CHCH and a whole lot of rebuilding on the west side of town for those that want to stay in CHCH. And alot more waiting for people who are in the orange zone and still are in limbo. It must be terrible to be on the East side- especially for those older people who have lived there their whole lives and the community will be gone. CHCH will rebuild though and it will be a better place but it won't be anytime soon.

On a different and happier note- this layout was one i did a while ago about Zoe being a bit of a chip off the old block and her love for scrapbooking too. On this day Zoe and her BFF came out to Scrappin Patch and had a look around with wide eyes taking it all in! They chose some papers and thanks to Adrienne lots of flowers and little trinkets to take away with them and have a play with. Zoe is abit of a hoader though - she will use all my papers that i pass onto her but keeps her own as they are too beautiful to use! She has done a few pages which show promise and it brings her lots of pleasure in the making which is the main part! I don;t think Simon is that happy about her showing an interest in it though - as he says it costs him enough to keep me supplied let alone Zoe as well!

Looking forward to some scrapping tomorrow- i have been busy working out of my comfort zone on some inspiration pieces for Scrappin Patch coming up on the forum in a few weeks! Looking forward to tomorrow night at the crop night ! Might see some of you there!

Happy Scrapping

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