Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 years on -

This is a layout that i did at the crop night at Scrappin Patch last Friday. Boy was it great to be back in a scrapbooking shop again after such a long break. Being able to look at lots of pretty things and touch all the new papers and inhale the yumminess of it all!

Anyway- this is naturally Simon and i the other week when we took all the girls into Hagley Park for a run around and a play. We sat on this very same bridge for some of our wedding photos 10  years ago. So here we are greyer (Simon) and much fatter (me) but still together and happy and with 4 beautiful daughters into the bargain as well. We are truly lucky to have each other and such a lovely family together although it does get pretty hectic and stressful alot!! I wouldn't be without them for the world. We are planning a trip tro Melbourne - just the 2 of us in November for our anniversary and we are soooo looking forward to having that time together without the girls- just to be us and have some quality time.

i have signed up for Nic Howards colour class which starts on Thursday and am really looking forward to it after missing out last time. I haven't had a chance to get the pre class tag assignment done yet but plan to do that at my crop on Friday night as well as the first assignment. I will post up my creations as i get them completed! So much to do and so little time!


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LISA said...

This is very beautiful!! Congrats on 10 years!!