Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Season now officially over- Hooray!

Well Hooray- sooo glad that the birthday season is finally over in my house! I have 5 birthdays in 7 weeks and it is flat out with birthday parties and excursions and at the end no money! They all have at least 2 parties by the time they have a family party with cake and then a party with all their friends plus cake- then the parties at preschool as well for the little 2 - so its a relief that Lucy has finished off the season with a bang and 3 parties including a trip to Old McDonalds!

I have been so busy that i just noticed that i havent updated my blog for over 2 weeks!! Sorry folks - it has been a pretty frantic few weeks! I have been lucky enough to have had a weekend away without husband and children with my mum and 2 sisters in Hanmer which was lovely. we all live in different parts of NZ so it was nice to finally be together in one place as we dont usually meet up at Xmas or anything either. The last time we had a weekend away together was 5 years ago so we were well overdue for a weekend away together. It rained the whole time but it didnt matter- we just chilled and watched TV and i enjoyed the quiet and a spa bath!! We went to the pools at night which i had never done before - the pools have been upgraded recently and they now have a designated kids area and some adults only pools which is nice!! They even have coloured lights in the pool for atmosphere!!

As you can imagine there hasn't been much time for scrapbooking- this layout is one that i did a month or so ago at a crop night!! With the school holidays starting today and the girls home for the next 2 weeks unless i do some at night i won't have much chance - that and the fact that we are off to Nelson on Thursday for a week means i will be having serious withdrawal symptoms and longing to get back into it!!

I am loving the wonders of modern technology though- as i sit in my warm bed with my cat and electric blanket on keeping me toasty and warm while i type thi up on my laptop. I said to my husband in disbelief can i really sit in bed and type up all this and surf the internet? what about all the cords?? No problem with a wireless connection he says as he sits in the cold lounge working onhis work computer! I think that i got the best deal there! HEE HEE!

Back soon- i promise that it wont be 2 weeks either!


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