Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Prima BAP

Hello again,

This is my entry for the February Prima Build a page feauturing the beautiful Lucy singing away and playing dads guitar. I managed to sneak round the doorway and capture this beautiful moment without her seeing me. She looked so gorgeous singing away so intensely!! I wanted to make my heart the feature so covered a chipboard heart with lots of ribbons- this is using some of the beautiful Annalee line.

Not long now till the new ranges (all 8) will be in store at Scrappin Patch and i cannot wait. I have warned my husband that the bill will be in the hundreds and not to have a heart attack when he gets the bill as it will last me a long time. There is a line that will suit everyone- lots of darker colours like blues and browns and maroons that would be great for boys too- and another range featuring the Jack and Jill characters- and my favourite Moulin Rouge that looks totally gorgeous.

I am also eagerly waiting for the new BOBUNNY ranges especially the Gabrielle and Timepieces ones and i love the boy themed one with rockets and planets- different for me but it is so much fun - nice and bright and fun so that will be making its way to my house too.....

On a personal front we have had a full on weekend- Ella had her 6th birthday yesterday- after Zoe's birthday last week- we are in birthday season at my house- next week its Simon- then the week after Hollie and the week after Lucy.

Anyhoo we wanted to make Ella's birthday really special as she was abit upset that she couldn't have a big party like Zoe with party games and lots of friends. The reason being that school has been out and because they had only been at school for 2 weeks i didn't know alot of the girls she wanted to ask- their last names or phone numbers i just couldnt get in touch with people. Alot have gone away after the earthquake in any case. So we decided that she could have one really good friend for a sleepover and we would go to Chipmunks and have MacDonalds for tea and still play the chocolate game and pass the parcel when all the grandparents and family came in the afternoon. All the girls had a full on day and a fun one and Ella was very happy so that was the main thing. She got her ears pierced for her birthday and a new bike so she was absolutely wrapped - as well as a few smaller things... so all in all she had a great birthday.

Simon is next- he always goes out on St Pats Day with his brother and friends and has a great time so thats always easy!!

Hopefully school will be back on again this week- it will be great to get back into a routine again- for me and the girls- they are definitely ready to go back and be with all their friends and have some learning and fun at school. Zoe has even been doing some "Home School" and been practising her writing and spelling and maths- Ella hasn't been as keen but she is way ahead anyway so i am not worried about her.

If you have made it this far- reading my wafflings well done. I will have some more layouts to share thsi week- i have been very behind updating my blog but will endeavour to be better this week.

Happy Scrapping


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Anonymous said...

Great Layout, good luck for the challenge, I didnt have a go at this one as run out of time lol. catch you in a couple of weeks