Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hi everyone,

This is a layout that i completed at my crop night on Friday. Abit different for me!! I liked that the paper did most of the work for me!! This is Hollie off to preschool for the first time (nov 2010). She was so excited to be going on that day- she had her lunchbox and bag all packed and was waiting impatiently at the gate almost saying C"mon mum !! She didn't stop wearing that backpack for about 3 days afterwards! She loved preschool that first week and then once teh honeymoon period was over decided that actually she didn't want mum to leave!! Its taken a few more weeks but last week i managed to leave without any tears!!! The staff are great and say that as soon as i leave she is fine!! She certainly seems to be having fun when i come to collect her!!

I did some hidden journalling behind the photos to record all the details of the day!

Valentines Day was nice - i had a good run in to it - flowers on Sat as they are cheaper then! Simon and I went to the movies on Sunday to see the KingsSpeech which is as wonderful as they say! and yesterday i got a nice card from Ella and we had heart lollies with our icecream that i had bought. Although next year i might try a special day for the girls too- i liked Trina McClunes idea of a tea party for the kids and a special note for each child about why you love them and how they are special. I think that is a really nice idea....

Make sure that you check out Scrappin Patch tomorrow as i have 2 layouts revealed as part of Inspiration Wed- using Graphic 45 Once Upon a Springtime range- beautiful colours and lots of fairies and flowers- right up my alley!!


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Rochelle said...

I've just realised I didn't have your blog on my blog reader, was wondering why you never blogged!! lol Your layouts are stunning and I love this one. Was lovely to see you on Fri, I was a bit bum up head down with the darn purple album, might actually get to chat a bit more next time hehe