Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally a page completed!

This is my entry for the Prima BAP for December- the stunning model is Ella last year- with her new hat and nose so she could be just like Rudolph!
I have not done any scrapping much at all over the last month - about 3 pages which must be a record for me! I managed to get this Prima page done and a Christmas inspiration piece for Scrappin Patch and one other at a crop night with a friend and that has been it!
Mind you this time of year is just frantic- despite me being very organised with my Xmas shopping and having it completed by the start of December!
The girls finished school on Thursday at lunchtime and Zoe has been bedridden since Friday morning- she has spent 5 days just lying in bed and sleeping basically with a a high temp of course- and bad headaches so off to the doc we went on Monday and they suspect Glandular fever- so we are back tomorrow for blood tests etc. Poor Zoe it is so strange to see her so listless - she usually lives up to her name- and is full of life- she said to me tonight- why do i feel so tired when i sleep all the time? i hope i can be healthy for Christmas- all i want is to feel better for Christmas- awwww- unfortunately if it is G Fever all you can do is rest and she could be out of action for weeks and months. I had it once and it is truly awful being so tired all the time- so fingers crossed it might be something else and she can be happy and healthy for Christmas.
On a happier note- Simon has been in his element=- chatting away to everyone that comes to see all his Xmas lights outside. He finally got his huge 15m tree covered in lights this year and has the house, garage and driveway done and inflatables and reindeer- its looking good! I went and had a peek at 2 of the highest rated ones tonight- Protea Place was great but my favourite was just round the corner at Shands Rd! There must have been 60 cars there and what a winter wonderland - you have to see this place to believe it -AMAZING!!!
Hope your run up to Xmas is smoother than mine-

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