Monday, December 6, 2010

BoBunny Inspiration

My latest inspiration kit from Scrappin Patch was one that i really enjoyed as it challenged my boundaries and i really loved it. The learning curve papers were all muted browns, greens, reds and blues, i had to use felt, brads, and 2 types of stickers - all products that i wouldn't normally gravitate towards! I was really pleased with my first layout of Ella - the bookworm- she is such a star reader and is 1 level off what Zoe was at the start of this year and Zoe is 2 years older! Such a legend!
I have gotten really behind on posting my layouts over the last few months so please keep looking down as there are lots of layouts following this post!
Finished the majority of my Xmas shopping this morning so i am a happy camper- takes alot of stress off my shoulders this week.
The next 2 weeks are absolutely manic with end of year parties and concerts etc. The big event this week is our annual Santa party that we host at our house for the girls and all their friends. Because Simon is a Santa - we naturally have Santa make a visit to our house for the party and all the children receive a present- if its fine then they can go for a swim etc- this year will be bigger though as this year Lucy gets to invite all her friends too so it could be 35+ kids!!
Simon has started putting up all the Xmas lights outside- he managed to get 10 sets of lights up pur huge tree at the front using a flagpole- so that looks quite spectacular. Once her has finished putting up all the lights around the house and in all the windows i will give out my address so people can come and visit- its pretty cool!! he has huge blow up Santa;s on the front lawn and alll sorts!!

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