Friday, November 5, 2010

Well this is the marae that we visited today with the Preschool. They were all vey excited about going on the bus to the marae. We were welcomed on by the kaumatua who blew on his conch shell to welcome us in and the kuia did her welcome as we walked on. They did a shortened version for us since it was raining and we carried on with the welcome inside! The meeting house was spectacular- all the koruru and tukutuku panels. The elders were very friendly and welcoming and patient considering we had mostly 2-3 year olds. They found the going abit boring after awhile and just wantedto run around and chase each other in that big space! I think that the trip was more catered for older kids as little ones just can;t sit still for that long! i enjoyed it though but as Angelita said it would be great to come back - just the adults to have more time to listen to all the stories and hear all the explanations!

STill it was a godd experience and nice to have some time just with Lucy. Zoe has asked to make an album this weekend after she saw one that i had made- so that will be nice to do that with her. She is quite into crafts and making things so i want to encourage that as much as i can!


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