Friday, November 5, 2010

So this is a layout that i did for a Word challenge -FAVOUITE- at Scrappin Patch. I dug into my stash for this one using My minds Eye 39th Street papers that i have had for years - bought when i still worked at a scrapbook store. I am still in green mode as you can see- i am just in love with green at the moment. This is Ella on her last day at kindy in March before she headed off to school. This is her absolute favourite dress and she is going to be heartbroken when this dress will not fit her this summer. I think that I will have to put it away for awhile as she will get really upset if Lucy starts to wear it as its HER dress! By the time Hollie is big enough to wear it - i think that Ella will be fine with that! So our mission is to find Ella a new favourite dress!

I haven't actually been doing many layouts lately. I have started to do some off the page projects and am loving it! I have never really tried it before and thought that i would branch out from just doing layouts all the time. I have done an Advent calendar so far and have bought some of the Kaisercraft storage drawers to do - and this week i have done a project for my technique challenge due up on the Scrappin Patch forum on Tuesday and have decorated a book cover.

I am absolutely in love with Nerrida Mitchells work- she is one of the designers at Kaisercraft and is one amazing designer- her cupcake princess tower is fantastic! I have started reading her blog and she is amazing. She has changed her whole style of scrapping since about Feb this year and now does the most amazing flowery beautiful layouts- oneday i hope that i can evolve into the talent that she is!

Anyway she set herself a challenge to try 100 different things on her layouts . I think that is a fabulous idea so i have got my journalling book all decorated and covered and am going to write down a book of ideas for me to use. Lately i have been feeling that my layouts are very similiar and i need to try new things. Its fine to have your own style but i think that you need to always be adding new things to your style- its all in the details a lot of the time. Quite often i flick through a magazine or am browsing on the internet and think - WOW- what a great idea to fold your page like that - or to have made a flower like that- etc etc and then promptly forget about it! So i plan to write myself a little journal with lots of great ideas and then each time i do a layout i have to include one new thing on my layout! Lets see how i go!!

Have a great weekend and a safe Guy Fawkes Day today or tomorrow - weather depending!


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