Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh Momentous Day!!!

No 1- This man- and our 9th anniversary!
No2 and No3

Today Hollie started preschool for the first time!! She is 20 months old but still my baby! I had ummed and ahhhed about starting her and not wanting to let her go but i tell you she was ready!! I had decided to start her next year but she was getting upset every time we left Lucy there and didn't want to leave so i thought well why not! And typically i was more upset than she was. She looked so cute with her little backpack on waiting at the gate just like her big sisters - you could just tell that she was so happy to be going to school like her 3 sisters! Once there she ran off and got a baby doll to push around in the pushchair and hardly bothered to turn her head to say goodbye to me when the time came to go!! She is really comfortable there already obviously as she comes to drop Lucy off and have a play each day so she was glad to stay this time!

It worked out nicely as for the first time i had no children at home- so Simon and i got to go out for breakfast together (without children for the first time EVER!) and enjoy our anniversary!

The third and less personal momentous reason was for the royal engagement news- i am so happy that there is going to be a royal wedding! I am a royalist from way back and used to follow all the news and gossip about Princess Diana and Fergie and admire all their beautiful clothes. I even had scrapbooks full of photos of their dresses and clothes- the beginnings of scarpbooking right there!! I am so glad for William and Kate - she deserves a medal for all she has been put through and having to wait for 8 years! Good luck to them - i hope that they will be really happy and be a marriage that survives amongst the terrible track record of the British royals! Can't wait for all the hoopla and to see what her dress will be like!

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