Monday, November 1, 2010


Halloween i know is not everyones cup of tea but i think when you have kids - its really all about them and having some fun. I know Bc - before children- that i just thought that Halloween was another stupid American tradition that had no relevance to us here in kiwiland at all. But now that i have kids i just go with the flow- lets face it - what kid doesn't enjoy getting dressed up and eating lots of lollies! Usually we go to an organised party at a local school which we have been to for the last 5 years or so but because of the earthquake they cancelled it this year. The girls were so disappointed and were really looking forward to it so we decided to have our own party at home and invited some like minded friends and we had a ball. The girls loved getting dressed up - Simon set up a disco room with a disco ball - lights and a strobe light so they could dance around to the Monster Mash and thriller and all the Halloween tunes. we played games - the fav was wrapping the mummy with toilet paper- check out the photos following! Of couse there were lots of lollies and chocolates and lots of fun was had by all. The girls were tuckered out- Lucy fell asleep on the couch today at 5pm!

Seems like at the moment i can only add one photo per post so keep going down to see the other 3 photos of Halloween fun!


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