Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pure Magic

This is my darling Hollie at 18 months old- just managed to get that shot when she turned around to see me!! This is all new Prima for a word challenge at Scrappin Patch- magic. I am in love with the new Prima papers especially the Annalee line- i think that i am going through a green period at the moment as all my recent layouts have been green!! So pretty and of course my favourite colour is green so there you go!

I had a lovely birthday last week and got spoilt rotten by Simon and the girls. My birthday was actually on Saturday but we celebrated it with the girls on Friday as i went to the Scrappin Patch crop day at Rolleston from 9-9pm on the Saturday! I had a wee party with a cake on the Friday with my family which was lovely - my mum was here from Nelson and grandad and Nana came too. Then once the kidlets were in bed - nana, granny and I went to the movies and saw the new movie _ EAT, PRAY, LOVE- which was a nice drama but certainly won't win any Oscars!! Still getting aftershocks- one during the movie gave everyone a hurry up!!

The crop day at Rolleston was heaps of fun - it was nice to spend some more time with Robbi although she was busy with 2 classes that she was running during the day- fantastic techniques and layouts that kept everyone busy! I thought that i had gotten away with my birthday unnoticed but no- Adrienne announced it to everyone so i got a song and Andrea had even brought me a huge muffin as a birthday cake!! It was very yummy and a really kind thought! It was nice to meet some more people from the forum face to face and catch up with some old firends too! I managed to get 4 .5 layouts done which i was pleased with. Will take some photos and post those soon.

Christchurch is still rocking - just when you think that the earthquakes are settling down- bang - another 5 goes off. They don't usually bother me now as i have gotten so used to them but Tuesday morning we had another scary one- my heart was in my mouth and it took about 5 minutes for my heart to get back to normal. It was the worst one since the big one- it was still a 5 but because it was so much closer and shallower it felt more like a 6. Things fell off the shelves that hadn't before and we have more cracks appearing in the house- the whole house felt like it was moving - the noise is terrible as all the windows rattle and the house creaks and groans- you can't explain how loud it is!! Hopefully they will wind down soon!!

Simon and i went to the Simply Red concert on Tuesday night which was fantastic!! I have loved them since i was 16 years old at High School so it was so great to finally see them- as they do their last world tour. They were all amazing - funky gorgeous music that had almost everyone on their feet by the second half and grooving away! It was a great night!

Well had better dash


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