Saturday, October 30, 2010

I just love your laugh

This is a layout that i completed awhile ago for a Scrappin Patch Shabby Chic challenge. I just love Luc'y mischievious little giggles- she is usually a pretty loud guffaw laugher- nothing she does is ever very quiet- she is full volume but sometimes she just giggles at something but still manages to use her whole body to do it!

I had a fun night scrapping last night with my scrap buddy and managed to get 2 layouts done- including one of Robbi's class kits from the crop day awhile ago. It was perfect for some of the many Kapa Haka photos i took of her at preschool a few months back. I am quite excited to be going on a trip with her and her preschool on Friday to the big marae- i have never been to that marae before and can't wait! They have a special preschool programme for the littlies and i know that Lucy was absolutely love it while being overawed at the same time. There is nothing quite as emotional and spine tingling as being welcomed onto the marae- i always get goosebumps and get a bit teary when the women start their karakia and welcome. So that will be a highlight of the coming week - expect to see lots of photos of that next week!

My good scrap buddy generously lent me a cd containing hundreds of photos of the Canterbury earthquake - some of which are absolutely amazing- i never get to watch the news - and we don't read the paper- i just look on the internet to try and keep up with the latest! So to see so many pictures was mind blowing as we were so undamaged here but to see some of the devastation in Dallington and Avonside Drive and Kaiapoi was amazing. i will pick some of the best and pop them on later- i know that some of you wouldn't have seen very many images either!

well - had better dash- have to rescue Simon from too fierce attention from the girls as he is abit under the weather at the moment. Hopefully with some rest - he will pick up this week.


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