Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shabby Chic Challenge

This is my usual model (Lucy) with her pen and paper that accompanies her everywhere- i am sure she must be going to be a writer or journalist as she has to take her little notebooks everywhere with her so she can do her writing and her homework! (at 3!)
This was for a shabby chic challenge over at Scrappin Patch- the extra challenge was to scrap monochromatically- so as you can see i chose brown- although i guess i cheated a little as the birdcage has black in it although i had stamped over it as much as i could!

We had a lovely day today we all went to Hanmer Springs and had a great time! The girls were really good for the 1.5 hour drive but its always murphy's law isn't it that Hollie finally fell asleep just as we got into Hanmer! So i stayed in the car with her so she could have a wee sleep and Simon took the other 3 girls in. Hollie only slept for 30 mins so it wasn't long before we could join them.

Golly- it sure has changed since i was last there- the complex is now huge and has so many hot pools- i was abit worried seeing the number of people going in that it was going to be so crowded- but there was plenty of room for everyone! I still can't get over how big the site was and they had added a kids play pool and area and a hydroslide and little slides for the kids- our big three stayed in there playing with the waterfalls etc and the slides most of the time. Hollie was perfect as always and had a great time. They are currently doing a $7 million dollar upgrade so goodness knows what it will look like after that! The only thing that brassed me off a bit was the cheesy photographer who came round and kept taking our photos and then when you go out they try and sell you 4 photos for $25!! I thought that was abit commercialised for most peoples taste here in nz but probably something that happens alot in the States!!

Anyhoo- it was a big success with our girls- Ella asked if she could come back tomorrow- and Zoe said that she wanted to live inHanmer Springs and not Christchurch anymore! They were all absolutely pooped and went to bed straightaway at *pm when we got home! The new car went very nicely too!!

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