Monday, October 4, 2010


Hi everyone,

This is a layout that i completed recently to showcase the old fashioned art of quilling. It used to be pretty popular in the early days of scrapbooking but fell out of favour but has now had a resurgence in popularity. I have seen some amazing layouts done using a quilling tool - like the paper rolls and was keen to have a try. I am really happy with the paper rolls and the effect that they give. The possibilities with quilling are endless. i bought a kit from a local craft store that came with instructions for hearts, butterlies and flowers since that was the one i would use the most. But there were heaps of others - animals and dinosaurs - have a look online and at your LSS. Quilling is an effective and very cheap means of embellishing your page- great for using up those scraps of paper!

On a personal front - we are on to the second week of the holidays- hooray! Granny arrived today from Nelson to spend 2 weeks with us which wil be fabulous. The girls have all been very excited about Granny coming to visit. She spends the days with us but goes down the road to stay the night at Grandads house which is just perfect! We have lots planned while she is here- CHipmunks, movies, shopping and going to Orana Park. Luckily the weather looks great for the rest of the week - it certainly make slife easier! Lucy was glad to get back to preschool today though and back into routine i think.

Simon wasn't so keen to get back to work today and was doing a fair amount of procrastinating this morning and didnt leave till after 9am- when he usually starts at 6am! It was good to have him back for a week as work pretty much rules his life the rest of the time! He definitely relaxed and enjoyed a break which was what he needed!

Okay dokey- off to bed for me


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