Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three Little Fairies

This is my entry for the Prima BAP for September using the appropriately named Fairy Flora papers for my three fairies! Lots of fussy cutting on this one- maybe i went a little overboard!

I took Zoe, Ella and Lucy to the Fairy School at the Palms Mall today. They had a great time dancing around to the fairy music and getting sprinkled with Fairy dust- at the end they all got a certificate to say that they had completed their first fairy dancing lesson and got some fairy floss each which they thought was pretty neat!

Tomorrow we hope to go and collect our new car and head to Hamner Springs for the day to have a soak in the hot pools- i am usually pregnant or have a tiny baby so miss out - now i get to go and Hollie will be old enough to have a wee dip as well. I haven't been to Hanmer for years - apparently it has grown alot and there are lots of nice walks and mazes and activities for the kids to do as well. So hopefully it will be an action packed day tomorrow but an enjoyable one!

Hope you are enjoying the school holidays with your kids too!


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