Monday, August 16, 2010

This is my third daughter Lucy- having one of her many tea parties! We went through a good couple of months where we had to have tea parties at least twice a day- and you have to be dressed up as well of course- best dresses only "so that you look Beautiful". Lucy is such a girly girl- she loves dresses and always wails when she has to wear pants to preschool- "but i won't look beautiful!" Everyone got dragged into the tea parties- Lyn especially who used to come and mind the Lucy and Hollie when the big girls were at swimming- she always knew there would be a tea party waiting for her when she arrived! Thankfully the fever for tea parties has gone down a notch- she has tea parties in the bath now where she can pour and spill to her hearts content! I used some of my old stash of Basic Grey Porcelain paper- they had the softness in colour that i was looking for. The flower i made with a bag from the $2 shop! I just loved the little teapots too when i saw them at Scrappin Patch i knew that i had the perfect page to add them too!

Only 2 more days till the entries are revealed for Tara's week at the Scrappin Patch Stars in their eyes competition. Can't wait to see all the entries and to see who Tara picks as the winners!


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