Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its been awhile since i blogged- just been busy with family stuff and not much scrapping this week! This is a layout that i did at the Scrappin Patch crop night the other week- the last of my Prima stash- i had been saving my flights of fancy for ages - this will be the last one- the new Prima will be in soon and i can't wait!

Lucy is such a girly girl with her fairy dresses, handbags and tiara's and always having to wear dresses so she "looks beautiful". She is definitely my girly girl of my 4 - although its too soon to tell with Hollie yet! My girls have loved just mucking around this weekend- the weather has been fine and today even sunny- Lucy insisted on a dress since the sun was out! and my big 2 spent most of the day bouncing on the trampoline- and Hollie just loved pottering round outside with dad and exploring. Will have more to share soon -

All the Prima was bought at Scrappin Patch - but most has already disappeared off the shelves!

Flights of Fancy- Ladybug
Flights of Fancy- Patterned Flowers
Flights of Fancy- Flowers Mini Tube
Chipboard Alphabet - Times- Vintage Coffee
Raspberry Tea Paper- Tradition


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