Thursday, August 26, 2010


Been a busy week in the Evans household- a bunch of sickies this week so no scrapping has been done! This is a layout that i totally scraplifted from one of my favourite designers- Helena Johannsen. I saw it months and months ago and thought it was so beautiful that i just had to lift it - so i finally did. If you haven't checked her blog out you should ! I seem to admire a lot of Swedish ladies at the moment- Zarah Peterson, Camilla Ekman, Helena Johanssen and of course Annelie! What a talented bunch of women they all are!

As i said the week has been a busy one- we have been sickness free all winter which is a pretty mean feat with 4 girls- but this week it was all on. Ella had a tummy bug Monday and Tuesday- Lucy had her specialist appt for her ears on Wed- they took one look and booked her in for surgery within 24 hours! So that was full on organising all that and trying to get all the insurance sorted! She is doing really well- and can hear again! Zoe was off today with sore eyes and conjunctivitis and a little bit of - its my turn to have a day off schoolitis as well i think! All back to normal tomorrow hopefully! The big girls are excited anbout tomorrow as not only is it mufti day at school- but its ALSO hotdog day for lunch AND its the skipathon in the afternoon! They have both been skipping up a storm for weeks - Zoe practising her tricks and Ella has pretty much taught herself to skip from scratch- and go backwards and do some tricks now too- so it will be fun to go and watch- i remember the primary school days- skipping , marbles, elastics- ahh memories- nice to see that all the same things are still in vogue as well as all the new stuff!

I even made it to Zoe's netball this week and had to join in - the first time i have EVER played netball and i quite enjoyed it actually. One of the ladies even asked if i would like to join their indoor netball team- and looked astonished when i cracked up and said trust me you would NOT want me on your team!

Looking forward to some scrapping finally - i have been getting withdrawal symptoms- tomorrow night at the Scrappin Patch crop night. I had better get working on the next Prima BAP and all the new Prima ranges will be there and available i hear at the crop! Wahoo!


Products Available from Scrappin Patch

Prima- Flights of Fancy Papers
Prima Chipboard Alphabet - Times- Vintage Coffee
Flights of Fancy- Essentials 8 Mini tube
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Tara Orr said...

this is soooo totally gorgeous!! LOVE everything about it - photo is too adorable. HUGE congrats on winning Prima's BAP!!!!

swewi said...

Awww, that is so sweet of you! Those are definately very talented ladies, and there are loads more in that beautiful country of mine! :) I seem to have lost my "shabby style" though, must try and get back into it.

Love that LO Francine, very sweet.

Hope the family feels better now!