Thursday, August 12, 2010

Celebrating Tara Orr

This week was my choice for the Stars in their eyes competetion over at Scrappin Patch and my choice was the amazing Tara Orr. I have been a huge fan of her work for awhile now and she has influenced my pages greatly- i'm a doily lover now too!!
I am so looking forward to seeing all the creations as they come in! This first layout was one that i did first for my take on Tara's style- i love the colours and the big doily but i went for the second picture as i felt it contained more of her elements- the handcut flowers- ZVA bling - the only one i could find- lots of layering, the doily, flowers and distressing. I will post more of my tributes to Tara during the week.

On the home front we have had a busy
week trying to sort out the drama with Zoe and the 16 year old handicapped boy next door. He came over and attacked Zoe while she was playing with Hollie on the trampoline. Zoe was left defenceless as she was trying to protect Hollie. She was really shaken up of course. I was inside with my other 2 girls and assumed as you do that my children are safe on their own property with the gate shut and locked. We referred the matter to the police who sent someone to speak to him but it is apparently up to the agency to control him. We have a meeting with them this afternoon to voice our concerns and try to ensure that he is fully supervised at all times and is in lockdown on his own property. So we have had a busy week trying to sort all that out - poor Zoe. She had a good day on Tuesday when she was named player of the day at netball and won a trophy and a Mc donalds voucher! So some positive stuff happening for her this week too to help take her mind off things!
Anyways- looking forward to a better week coming up- off to the crop night tomorrow night at Scrappin Patch- hope to see some of you ladies there...

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Tara Orr said...

They are both so beautiful and so very different but both capture my style wonderfully. The first I can see me using on one of the boys' pages or with a black and white photo as you have done as its got very nice cool tones and paired with the cardboard and distressing is perfect for that rustic edge. Adore the 2nd! Love that paper too and is so feminine and girly. Bling, blooms, distressing and layers galore - love it!