Thursday, August 5, 2010

Better late than never i say- i always print out the Prima Build a page sketch each month because i just adore Prima. I'm never organised enough to actually do it by the months end deadline though! My goal this month is to do the sketch and submit it to Prima before the deadline instead of always late! This is the BAP for June- ( July's coming up tomorrow) that i completed at the Scrappin Patch crop night last week. More muted colours for me - no pink but i like it!! Zoe will always oblige for photos but i wish sometimes she wasn't always quite so posy but she is only 7 afterall! I have been slowly getting my mojo back and have done 2 layouts in 2 days so will have more to show soon and from the crop weekend last weekend.

Its my stars turn next week on the Stars in their Eyes competition over at Scrappin Patch- i give my first clue on Monday and the star will be announced on Wednesday morning. Then you get a week to submit a layout in their style to be in to win a Cricut and other great prizes after the 9 weeks have passed. So far the entries have been amazing- last weeks star Zarah Peterson was amazing and the gallery was full of beautiful layouts in her style- i can't wait to see who she will pick as the 3 winners!!


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Tara Orr said...

gorgeous - love all your layers and the lace and bling and blooms - just beautiful