Monday, July 26, 2010

My first inspiration pack arrived from Scrappin Patch a few weeks ago and today i was able to post one of the layouts that i made using the Bella Boulevard all inclusive range. Totally not my colours- all orange, brown, blues and greens- i really enjoyed the challenge and being pushed outside my comfort zone! This is one of the layouts featuring Zoe at the New Brighton kite day in February this year- it was a glorious day and Zoe and Ella had a ball- there were some seriuosly huge and amazing kites there! I am quite pleased with how my kite came out! Would love to hear some of your comments- not my usual style afterall!!

Got my package from Trina Mc Clune today- she is such a lovely lady- i met her at SENZ- i missed out on her Prima class since i was working and when i mentioned how disappointed i was she offered to make me up a kit when she got home! It arrived today with a lovely handmade card! So thank you Trina- you are awesome!!


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