Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tonight is the ECLIPSE!!

i am off to bed now with my girls - yes at 7.30pm so i can hopefully get a bit of sleep in before i head off to the ECLIPSE premiere with my Twi-hard friend Sarah at midnight. Cant wait to see the movie - we have been counting down for months!! Team Edward all the way!

For those that are wondering what all the fuss is about - its basically a love story between a vampire and a normal everyday girl and all the struggles they go through to be together. The intensity , the passion and the love between them is what hooks everybody- particularly Edwards love for Bella. It reminds all of us Twi mums of our first love and the obsession and intensity of that first love particularly when you have to be celibate as well- that brings an extra dose of intensity right there!!

The books are the best but its brilliant to see it all played out before your eyes as well. Even my husband didnt mind it- especially New Moon as it had lots of action and werewolves in it. He is being a very good sport about it and taking an annual leave day tomorrow so that i dont have to get up with Lucy at 5ish after only getting home about 3am ish!! He already knows that he will have to go and see it with me and Sarah in a few days time as well.

I have been busy scrapping - design stuff for Scrappin Patch but nothing i can share yet. What i can share now that it has been officially announced is our Stars in their Eyes competition. It is going to be amazing!! We have some amazing stars from around the world - who will judge their weeks entries. You just have to scrap in each stars style- not a scraplift- all the designers have to do one for their designer too - You need to register before the 6th July- so be in quick - there are amazing prizes up for grabs at the end of the 8 weeks!!
Off to bed now-

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